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  • ISCAT 2018

    The 2 nd International Critical and Analytical Thinking Symposium will be held at the Istanbul University Congress and Culture Center on 27-29 April 2018.

  • Turkish-Islam Heritage

    You can reach the details of the Project of Turkish - Islamic Science Cultural Heritage by clicking on the picture ..

  • ISHAD 2018

    2. INTERNATIONAL NATURAL DISASTERS AND DISASTER MANAGEMENT SYMPOSIUM (ISHAD2018) will be held in Sakarya University on 4-6 May 2018 in cooperation with Academic Platform, Sakarya University and Karabük University. LINK

  • ISITES2017

    Fifth International Symposium on Innovative Technologies in Engineering and Science (ISITES2017) was held in Baku, Azerbaijan in cooperation with Academic Platform, Sakarya University and Architecture and Construction University between 29-30 September 2017 at Mimarlık ve İnşaat Üniversity.

  • TUBİTAK 1003 call

    You can access the detailed information by clicking on the call image.


    The candidates who want to apply for the post-graduate education and associate proficiency exam by the Council of Higher Education and a new exam to determine the language proficiency level of the students who are required to have language proficiency are started.

  • APJES Volume 4 Issue:3

    Volume 4, Issue 3 of the Academic Platform Engineering and Science Journal (APJES) was published and published. detay.

  • Mimar Sinan Summit

    Mimar Sinan Engineers Union Nevşehir SUMMIT program has been completed. Detay.

  • regional development universities

    Our President R.T. Erdogan explained regional development universities.

  • Islamic Research Journal

    Academic Platform, Islamic Science Magazine, "Academic Platform Journal of Islamic Research" electronic magazine has been put into service.

  • "100/2000 YÖK scholarship

    For the first time in the history of higher education, 100 interdisciplinary students will be awarded scholarships for 2000 students.

  • ISEM2016

    The 4th International Symposium on Environment and Morality (ISEM2018) will be held on 22-24 June 2018. tiklayiniz

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